Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Swinging 60's

My favourite era for fashion is the late 1960’s and this is due to the funky and fresh image associated with the 60’s. For the first time ever the younger generations became the leaders and the forth -front of modern fashion. Their fashion was radically innovative and their style was androgynous.

The fashion in the 60’s was also due to many external factors which influenced its change; social mobility, bold fashion photography, fresh music, pop art and film were just a few to name.
In addition to this Emilio Pucci’s exotic psychedelic fabric prints and the youthful clean cut YSL Mondrian inspired dress.

Emilio Pucci uses a complementary colour variation mixing hues of yellow, blue and purple and adding tints to create variation with high chroma adding brightness to the colour palette. Due to the different shapes in the pattern for example the jacquard effect, variation in straight and wavy lines and flowers, it is important that the pattern doesn’t appear to cluttered therefore the repetition of colour has been used to harmonise and unify the pattern.

Mary Quant and the Mini Skirt

The mid 1960’s became the epitome of fashion with Mary Quant revolutionising the skimming mini dresses and skirts. This new fashion instantly took off as London girls seeking newness became the daring pioneers of this fashion. Although it was slightly controversial the Quant style quickly aptly named the ‘Chelsea’ look. Adventurous materials and fabrics were used to complete the look such as PVC.