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Colour sensitivity:peliminary research creating a collection

Maturing the colour palette
Tints and shades of brown were added to give a more fluid flow to the collection. There were too many hues overpowering the collection so green and bottle blue were removed and replaced with tones of darker blue resembling more of a grey shade. The chroma of the pink was altered so it appeared more dull and grayish, now a dusky pink this helped to unify the collection.
A split complementary colour scheme was applied to the collection; for example red with orange and dusky pink and purple with darker tones of blue. The brighter hues used to complement the cooler colours in the collection.
More beige was added to soften the stark contrast between brown and other hues and another shade of red to blend in the warm red. This now links in with the principle of resemblance, which simply states that colour’s harmonise when the difference between them is less, using different tints and shades of a hue makes the collection flow better and generally appear less disjointed.

Adding more beige to soften the stark contrast between brown and other hues. Added another shade of red to blend in the warm red with the rest of the collection more subtle difference. The colour’s look too primary and secondary based although Miu Miu’s style is fairytale child like it is important to design a colour palette that will suit the demographic of a mature independent young woman.

Below is the second colour pallette I have choosen for my collection. This is the second stage of highlighting colours which clash and colours which complement each other, vital elements to consider when choosing my final collection.This is part of the development of my collection and important for choosing colour proportion.

Colour set 12

I think this colour scheme would of worked well if the orange trousers were changed to black. I think that they overpower the collection. However I like the use of purple and violet, as well as the black and warm red, these combinations work well together and give an emphasis on colour. More repitition of the darker brown hue is needed as it is only used in accessories.

Colour set 11

This collection uses too much of a split complementary colour scheme. Some outfits need to made more mono-chromatic which will give a more subtle effect and can easily be highlighted by a brightly coloured accessory. This represents more or Miu Miu's style and brand identity.

Colour set 10

This collection needs more black and smaller proportions of warm red. The collection appears very disjointed, there is no hue to unify to determine that these garments belong in the same collection. This is something I have to make sure I aviod when creating my collection.

Colour set 9

Again in this collection their is no domineering colour to suggest that this is a fall/winter collection. More black and darker brown from the colour pallette needs to be added. The beige dress/top also doesn't work as it is too light and there is no contrast provided in terms of a bright high chroma coloured accessory.

Colour set 8

I think more brown and beige needs to be added to this collection to make it flow better. The lilac and grey are too overpowering as they are not the main focus of the collection their proportions need to be toned down. I don't think the black on the sleeves and colour of the skirt/top works well with such a low chroma, gray scale hue. A brighter more intense hue should of been used instead to add intensity.

Colour set 7

This is probably my least favourite amoung the collection. The colours appear washed out as there is not enough darker hues in the collection. The light grey and lilac clash and appear washed out without a high value hue to seperate them. This might of worked better with the introduction of pattern and print.

Colour set 6

I like this collection as every outfit complements one another and it is apparant that all the outfits are from one collection. The light and dark values show a powerful opposition.

Colour set 5

I like the end outfit combining both purple and warm red. It brings a lot of energy to the collection. However there is little sequence in this collection and there is no obvious order. Higher proporions darker hues need to be added.

Colour set 4

This collection has no uniformity and I think that the combination of the dark grey tone, deep red and orange do not complement one another. I like the black dress broken up with the belt. Again as previouly mentioned with warmer high chroma hues work best when accenting an outfit. I think that the two tints of brown need to be broken up with a more intense colour rather than black, the outfit appears boring and unappealing and does definately not reflect the target demographic of youthful independant women.

Colour set 3

I don't like this set. There is too much purple and I think the purple hue should be used more of an accent on accessories and smaller garments as it is too overpowering against the darker colours, brown and black. I also think that the colours make the collection appear very dated and it does not represent the Miu Miu style or clearly reflect the brand image. However I do like the first outfit. I think the mono-chromatic colour shceme works well when seperated with a brightly coloured accessory, it creates a more subtle effect due to the lack of contrast.

Colour set 2

In this collection there is not enough of one hue used to make the collection appealing. It is too mix and match and the colour proportion is wrong. More low chroma colours needed to be added to add fulidity to the collection. In Miu Miu's collection there are only a few complete outfits dedicated to full warm, high chroma hues with low value. Therefore my collection needs to be formated to represent a similar order. However I think that the lilac and orange complement each other suprisingly well, using a complementary colour scheme. The first skirt, top and belt outfit I want to use in my final collection. Unfortunately the flared trouser in red and warm orange and deep red dress clash. I will not be using these colours together in my collection as the difference between them is too great.

Colour set 1

The collection above conveys a feeling of a balanced colour scheme, the variety of hue, light and dark values, bright and dull intensities all help balance the collection. All the outfits are extremely balanced with no one hue overpowering the other. However not all the outfits signify the Miu Miu brand. I think the lilac and purple shirt and skirt with bell shape sleeves is too harmonious and doesn't give enough variety for interest. One way of developing this would be to use a pattern or print on the skirt or add brightly coloured accessories, by using the hue 'warm red' and changing the lilac to black. The principle of novelty then applies and the unexpected surge of warm red against the cooler black colour becomes appealing and creates strong interest.

Below is collective overview of all the collections placed together and you can get a better idea of colour proportions.

Looking at Miu Miu's previous fall/winter collections I think that it is important not to use too many bright colours within the garments but use them as accents, for example on sleeves, belts and over smaller surface areas. The collection could easily be percieved as spring/ summer therefore more shades and high value hues need to be added. High Chroma hues such as the warm red and orange should be used to make the collection more colourful, rich and full. In the fall/winter 2009 collection accents of green and bright orange are also used but in smaller proportions and link the collection together through use of pattern. This is something I need to research further.

Looking back through Miu Miu's history the fall/winter 2007 collection also uses brighter colours mixed well with black, greys, beige and brown shades, tints and tones. The collection only has several pieces which make use of more high chroma colours.

Below was the first step for creating my collection and colour pallette. The first task was to select the basic hues for my collection, I did this using the pure hue without little variation of tint, tone and shade.

For the first four sets I choose my basic colour palette according the idea I had more my collection. This helped me decide which colours complemented one another and which clashed.

For the third two I used Miu Miu’s colour proportions used in fall/winter 2007-2008 and applied it to my collection. Using this technique I was able to clearly see which colours’ would dominate the collection.

For the final two sets I decided to experiment with both pattern and colour proportion using my chosen colours.

I think that within the colour palette used for this first draft the colours look too primary and secondary based although Miu Miu’s style is fairytale child like it is important to design a colour palette that will suit the demographic of a mature independent young woman.

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