Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cosumers' lifestyles and mass consumption

School mate A
Angelica Koivisto

Mälardalen University Postgraduate Student, Hong Kong exchange student studying a combined business and tourism degree. If from a small town in Sweden and works part time in H&M. She shops only on the high street and her favourite place to buy clothes in Hong Kong is Fa Yuen street market in Mon Kok. She loves extreme sports and dancing. Her favourite place to eat out is Outback Steakhouse and Pizza Hut and she has a passion for Italian food. She loves to read the magazine Cosmopolitan in her spare time and watch episodes of sex and the city. Her most recent favored film is Mama Mia. Loves spending time with her family whom she shares a very close relationship with.
Mass consumption:
Chanel and Mac makeup, Vidal Sassoon and L’Oreal hair products, Dove moisturiser and Neutrogena face wash. Gucci purse, Addidas trainers, H&M sunglasses, Baby G sports watch, Roxy jacket and swimwear. IPod nano in black and i-phone.
Colour preferences:
Shades, tint and tones of the hues pink and purple are her favourite. She also loves yellow but when choosing clothes she sticks to safe colours and a monochromatic scheme of grey, black and white.

School Mate B
Alexis Erian

City girl brought up in London very cosmopolitan, fashion student works part time in health and beauty sector for the Superdrug, in the same chain as Watsons. She has lived at home all her life.She shops on the high street and her favourite shops are River Island and Topshop. Her hobbies are cheerleading, volleyball and tennis. Her most recent favoured film is High School Musical. She loves to eat out especially in Thai and Indian restaurants. Her favourite book is the Devil Wears Prada and she likes to watch Friends on a weekly basis. She loves all the gossip magazines such as Heat, Hello and OK. She likes to indulge in an expensive hair cut once three times a year.
Mass Consumption:
DKNY watch, IPod nano in white, Havianna flip flops, GHD Hair straighter, Miu Miu bag, Ted Baker purse, M&S food, pearl earrings and Ray Ban sunglasses. Topshop trainers, Nivea face wash, Britney Spears perfume, Tresemme and John Freda hair products, Sony digital camera, Nokia mobile phone, Primark and Aldo shoes.
Colour preference:
Orange, black and yellow are her most worn colours with gold accessories. She wears a complementary colour scheme as she loves bright high chroma colours and hues and this scheme makes colours appear brighter. She is a fan of primary hues and wants to stand out from the crowd with her colour choices.

The Miu Miu lifestyle and customer

Lets not forget that the most important people in fashion are the consumers! Therefore I felt it necessary to redefine who the Miu Miu customer was and why and how my collection would appeal to her.

Who is the Target Market?
Pen Portrait

21-40 yr old
Young professional, ambitious and career minded
She high end high street with luxury and vintage for a fun, young, fresh,image
Likes to socialise and eat out with friends at the weekend
Cosmopolitan, lives in the city centre
Enjoys reading fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Vogue, loves to visit art galleries
Fashion aware and trend led
High disposable income
Hobbies are yoga, Pilates and dance
She loves to travel, her particular favourite place to holiday is Italy
Her favourite coffee is Starbucks and her favourite drink is a Martini
She is a big fan of expensive make up and body products and looks after herself by eating organic.

Marketing Mix
PRODUCT – Unique styling, interesting unusual design, attention to detail, strong use of pattern and print, youthful fun fashion a totally different image from its sister brand Prada. Focus on the lifestyle the brand offers to its customer, therefore there is little limit on age, but focuses more on attitudes, values, social interests and hobbies. An accessible brand for woman of all ages with personality, sophistication and style.
PRICE –High end price points, luxury market
PLACE – Sold in luxury high end department stores such as Lane Crawford
PROMOTION – Magazine advertising, PR for example magazine features and in-store promotion.

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