Monday, November 24, 2008

Further design: questioning the colour palette

Below are 20 designs with the mature colour pallete for Fall/Winter 2009-2010
I think that the colour palette works really well using a split complementary colour scheme. The main hues for the collection are the cooler colours, black, brown and grey. Then the other more high chroma hues and warmer colours are used to complelemt each individual outfit. I really like how the shoes are subtle heighten the intensity and luminosity of the outfit.

I think that the patterns work really well with the collection and although each print is seperate and uses different hues, together they work really well and add contrast and definition to the collection. I definately think sticking to one main trend worked to my advantage as the collection flows really well.

Overall I think this is a well balanced collection with good colour proportions. The collection definately takes on board the Miu Miu image and brand identity which can be seen through both use of colour and shape and style throughout. However I think that the colour palette lacks a strong sense of magical and mysterious. The hue's tints, tones and shades used do not reflect my theme as well as I hoped and therefore are too general to appeal to the Miu Miu customer. I wanted the colour in my collection to represent a fun loving, playful, consumer with the collection relflecting an informal no restraints image. I think that the colour palette reflects more of the working formal class mature woman, therefore I am going to slightly alter my colour palette to suit what whom I believe my collection should be targeted to.

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