Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Final Collection and Colour Palette

After looking closely at my designs and use of colour I decided to alter my mature colour palette and alter the saturation of the hue's so give a more fantastical, magical and mysterious feel to appeal to my target consumer and their lifestyle. I wanted to use colour to create a sense of fantasy and excitement.For example I added more white into the orange to give it a more subtle magical feel rather than overwhelminghly garish.

Winter colour is usally cold and cool colours, therefore I used brights mixed with pastel pinks and green to add wearability to the colours.

Fantasy and my theme of 'magical forest' can have serveral different meanings, but by contrasting the light tints of hues I felt it created a pure, light sense of transparency, against the brighter more intense hues which added excitement and surrealism to the pallete. I used the darker tones of purple and grey to add definition to the lighter colours and by creating a greater contrast between the two the colour's stand out more. I changed the colour proportions to the collection was no longer dominated by the cooler hues and shades, therefore the proportion was more 50/50 and the collection has more magical, enchanting, feminime feel. Consequently this was the image, concept and feeling I wanted to portray in my collection, therefore the customer can better connect to my theme.

The collection exurberates the Miu Miu sophitication with a playful hint of the fairytale, 'childlike' world using the butterfly and unicorn prints adding a youthful freshness and feminime modernity to the collection.

Above the butterfly print used throughout my collection. Again I changed the colour of the wings to suit my collection, I used light and dark hues to create contrast and to diversify the pattern and to make it collate with my magical forest inpiration.

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