Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pattern development

This was my first stage when developing pattern. I used my moods boards for inspiration and took images I felt appealed to the brand and could be used effectively. I used the images and tired to create a pattern which could be used as either a print or design on the garments.

I applied my selected patterns on to the actual garment to see how would look against my choosen colour scheme and how well they suited the garments. My favourite is the peacock feather fitting well with the colour pallette.

Pattern Proportion for Miu Miu’s previous collections: Spring 2009, Fall 2008, Spring 2008
Spring 2009
Out of 37 outfits within the whole collection print and pattern are used on a total of 15 outfits which is about 40% of the collection.
Fall 2008
Out of 38 outfits, print and pattern are used within a total of 14 outfits which is just over a 35% conversion rate.
Spring 2008
Out of 40 outfits, print and pattern are used on 12 outfits this is exactly 30% of the collection.
Considering this data and my final collection which is planned to be around 20 complete outfits I plan to dedicate 8 outfits featuring pattern and print. Which is around 40% of the collection a similar average to Miu Miu’s.

I liked the butterfly design in from my mood board, however the colours didnt really suit the collection. Therefore using my matured colour palette I altered certain hues and the chroma and intensity so that the pattern would suit my collection.I then altered the image to make it more abstract to suit the Miu Miu brand.

Using the colour palette I then adjusted the hues again so that I would have two variations to use within my collection, this adds variety and will make the collection more asthetically pleasing.

Developing the Unicorn design
I developed the unicorn design by simply repeating my chosen image onto different hue backgrounds. I then altered the saturation of the unicorn wings as this was the main feature I wanted to stand out and be seen on the garments. I want to use the two different colour background prints in my collection to add variation.

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