Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trend and Pattern for Autumn/Winter 2009-2010

Magical forest
Mysterious and magical forests full or interesting creatures. Feathers of birds, fur markings make use of a subtle palette using browns, soft pastel beige, dusky pinks warm oranges and reds. The image is one of chic luxury and soft decadence. The trend is dominated by warm colours but cold tones are added to create contrast and difference creating a playful world of pattern and emotion. This trend gives way for many inspiring shapes and inspirations through the use of subtle animal, plant prints and patterns which redefine animal motives in a complex fashion.
From previous collections it is evident that Miu Miu’s patterns lack structure and evoke a sense of surrealism. To add this to my collection I intend to play around with colours and prints to give a more abstract, indirect feel to the collection. Miu Miu’s collections use creative boldness to fearlessly experiment with pattern against the ‘norms’ of the fashion industry and its sister brand Prada. The collections induce fantasy and flaunt it whilst running away with reality and abandoning the consciousness. I want my collection to interpret these elements by alluding to animal print by the original pattern but using colour to draw away from the realism factor. Although my trend theme is the magical forest it is important to steer away from natural colours within the patterns as Miu Miu’s designs use a vivid colour palette with strong use of unnatural tones and fantastical imagery.

Miu Miu used the distortion of faces throughout her spring summer 2008 collection and considering this I want to incorporate a similar design features and strong brand significance into my collection.

The strong use of colours gives strong brand identity something which I will consider when designing my print.

Inspirational artists
Louise Bourgeois, an artist and sculptor born in December 25, 1911 in Paris, France. Her most famous works are the spider structures. Her works are abstract and symbolise relationships- considering an entity in relation to its surroundings. Her works convey feelings of anger, jealously, hatred and treachery.

Illustrator and artist Lauren Moshi

Marion Bolognesi
‘Tiger man.’ Surreal multi layered watercolor splash tiger.

Inspirational mood boards

Trends and colours for my collection Autumn/winter 2009-2010
Considering the proportions of colour used in each Miu Miu fall/winter collection, the cooler colours such as black, cool grey, deep red and beige will be allocated the highest proportions of colour use through the main collection. The brighter hues such as oranges, warm red and purple will be used to accentuate the collection and adhere to the brands colour philosophy. This will highlight colours within the palette and make a stronger impact on the garments. High chroma hues will be used as accents on accessories, belts and smaller detailing. This is to keep continuity and equal proportion throughout so the collection doesn’t appear disjointed or uneven.

Shape and Silhouette
For autumn/winter 2009-2010 collection the focus will be on volume with soft curves contrasting heavily with sharp angular shoulder dimensions emphasizing the hour glass figure. It is all about modernity.
An example below showing ideas for shape which continue with the Miu Miu brand identity. I want to collection to represent a new modernity with sophisticated volume and distorted angles something engraved into the Miu Miu brand which will easily interelate.

Inspiration for Shape and Colour for the collection
American Vogue November 2008

British Vogue December 2008

I liked this image due to the bright colours and high saturation levels. I like the tight fitting leggings and styling of this outfit.

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